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Charlotte's Guide to the Ring Stack

Charlotte Blakeney
Apr 03, 17

As the weather starts to get cooler, we’re looking for new ways for our jewellery to stand out, and what’s better than ring stacks!

Creating a ring stack is very personal to the wearer and an extension of your own personal style. Below I have created a guide on how we create ring stacks at By Charlotte for you to try with ease and confidence. 

At By Charlotte we love mixing our stones and metals, we pair gold, silver and rose gold together with pops of crystal, onyx and opal for a complete and unique look. 
(Beyond the Sun stack: Love Ring, Peace Ring, Hope and Truth Ring stacked)
There is only one rule to follow when creating a stack and that is balance. Don’t go overboard with each finger, aim for two or five similar rings on your first finger, add some height with a knuckle ring followed by a shorter stack on the final finger. This creates a similar height across your fingers, but the final look isn’t overwhelming. 
Add some sparkle with our Heavenly Aditi and Empress collections, these can be adorned together or added to simpler stacks to add a pop. 
(Add a little sparkle with a Heavenly Aditi stack. Left to Right: Aditi and Crescent Ring stack, Aditi Ring, Celestial Ring)
Add a barley there midi ring with our classic ‘Purity Ring’ or ‘Chain Purity Ring’, by ordering a size small, it works well on your ring finger, middle finger or pointer finger, and should sit below the first knuckle. If you are feeling extra ambitious, you can double up on the same finger.

(@mollysmyth wearing our Peace Ring, Hope Ring and Gold Purity Ring) 
Pay attention to your thumb and pinky fingers, be creative and adorn a simple two ring stack on your pinky and a simple statement ring for your thumb. 

If you are feeling extra adventurous, try a hand piece, our ‘Enlighten Hand Bracelet’ is perfect for this.
(@allie.boye wearing our Enlighten Hand Bracelet, Imperial Ring and Love Ring) 

If your looking to add more variety other than mixing metals or stones, flip the direction of the ring to show versatility. A classic combination is our ‘Truth Ring’ with either the ‘Love Ring’ or ‘Hope Ring’. They were designed to stack back together.
(Beyond the Sun ring stacks)

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