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SYMBOL | Evil Eye Motifs

Charlotte Blakeney
Jan 19, 17

Tags: Inspiration, Travel,

Evil Eye Motifs

We have recently created two necklaces that feature the evil eye motif,
the 'Lucky Lotus' and 'Jewelled Eye'. We chose to create the motif using
crystals and iolites which embrace intuitive qualities. 

An ancient symbol, the evil eye grants the wearer 
protection against evil and misfortune.

You could say that I have a long love affair with the Greek Islands
where I first saw the symbol... it's culture and its beauty
which lead me to introduce the evil eye motif into my designs. 

The evil eye dates back almost 3,000 years to Ancient Greece and Rome,
it protects the wearer against receiving the evil eye from another person. 
The evil eye has symbolism in almost every country in the world
and in every religion; Judaism, Islam, Hindu, Buddhism and Christianity. 

    I hope love our jewelled evil eye motif necklaces!

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