Heavenly Moonlight Bracelet
Available in Gold, Silver, Rose Gold,

Wear our heavenly boho bracelets as a daily reminder of who you truly are and what inspires you every day. Created in silver, gold and rose gold our designs encourage you to radiate your light to the world.

Inscribed with mantras and affirmations, allow our jewels to serve as a deeply personal reminder to embrace and practice the unique virtues you embody and are destined to share with the world. Designed to wear both individually or stacked, allow our bracelets to empower and ignite your soul. Layer your wrists with By Charlotte’s boho bracelets, Australian designed and expertly made, to create a delicate statement when worn together.

Balance and serenity come from within, and these adornments will guide you on your journey towards enlightenment. For a minimalist statement wear a singular delicate chain, designed with a symbol to inspire, to set you on a path to enlightenment. By Charlotte’s boho bracelets will inspire you to centre your soul and trust in the magic of the universe.