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Underpinning every By Charlotte collection are jewels that hold a deeper meaning. Adorn and embellish yourself with designs that are deeply personal and are made with intention.

Inspired by the spiritual and the celestial, By Charlotte’s distinctive new in jewellery is designed to remind the wearer of who they truly are on their soul’s journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Every collection that By Charlotte creates is inspired by the wild and free bohemian spirit. With each new pendant, bracelet, ring and earring comes the opportunity of a new story, a new beginning. Empower yourself as you take the steps on your unique path with new in jewellery that celebrates the journey that you are on. Speak to your soul through beautiful treasures that spark your spirit and evoke your imagination.

Your adornments should reflect your energy and your light. By Charlotte’s new in jewellery is made to embody your essence, wear layered or alone to communicate your higher state of being.