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Agate - Enhances creativity and strengthens intellect.

Crystals - Promotes physical, emotional and mental healing.

Elephant - The symbol of luck, strength and wisdom.

Evil Eye - An ancient symbol, the Evil Eye grants the wearer protection against evil and misfortune.

Fresh Water Pearls - Promotes sincerity, truth and loyalty.

Garnet - The stone of love, fire, and passion.

Hamsa - A protective sign that brings happiness, luck, health and good fortune.

Iolite - The stone of dreams and intuition.

Buddha of Compassion - Compassion for yourself and compassion for others.

Lotus Flower - Represents purity, rebirth and enlightenment.

Mother of Pearl - Calming and soothing, this stone promotes peace and relaxation within one’s life.

OM - Increases your awareness of the physical world and body.

Opal - Enhances imagination and creativity.

Onyx - A protective stone that absorbs and transforms negative into positive energy.

Rose Quartz - Promotes unconditional love, forgiveness and infinite peace.

Turquoise - Promotes wisdom and clear communication from the heart.

Smoky Quartz - A protective and grounding stone. Excellent for protection against negative energy.

All By Charlotte items come in a ballerina pink By Charlotte box complete with care instructions. The By Charlotte range is very delicate and fine, so care needs to be taken when wearing it. In order to maintain your By Charlotte piece we recommend you follow the care instructions below:

1. Keep jewellery dry at all times. Avoid contact with cosmetics, perfumes and body products. Moisture, chemical substances, chlorine and salt water can damage and tarnish your jewellery. • Extreme heat conditions can damage your gemstones and metals.

2. If the silver loses its shine and looks dull, use silver polishing cloth to give it back it's shine and luster.

3. Gold plated items may need to be re-plated depending on how much you wear and care for the item.

By Charlotte has four ring sizes Pinky, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. Once you have decided which finger you would like to wear your ring on, measure it with a piece of string or measuring tape.
Please see our ring chart below.

Size Circumference Diameter
Millimeters Millimeters
Pinky 4 46.7 14.9
Small 5 49.3 15.7
Medium 6 51.8 16.5
Large 7 54.4 17.3
X-Large 8 56.9 18.1

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