14k Gold Eternal Love Diamond Bracelet
Pure Love Bracelet
Eye of Intuition Bracelet
Eye Of Intuition Cord Bracelet
Eye of Purity Pearl Bracelet
Hand Of Luck Cord Bracelet
New Beginnings Cord Bracelet
Protection Crystal Pearl Bracelet
My Soul Is Peaceful Pearl Bracelet
My Heart Is Grateful Opal Bracelet
I Am Protected Amazonite Bracelet
Happiness Crystal Pearl Bracelet
I Am Light and Love Rose Quartz Bracelet
Harmony Crystal Pearl Bracelet
Aquarius Woven Zodiac Bracelet - By Charlotte x The Upside
14k Gold Lucky Starry Night Zodiac Bracelet
14k Gold Magic Within Birthstone Diamond Bracelet

A reminder of your personal journey and intentions; By Charlotte bracelets inspire within every wearer to follow a mindful and purposeful path. Lovingly designed in Sydney, Australia, our bracelets carry messages of love, gratitude and harmony within precious gemstones and thoughtful symbols.

We carry a selection of beautiful keepsakes, a range of inspiring jewellery in gold and silver that can be layered or worn as a personalised message. Every bracelet is designed with a thoughtful intention in mind to guide you through cherished moments and milestones.

Every By Charlotte piece carries with intentions of hope, kindness and gratitude. Our design process ensures each message carries through to every piece of jewellery and thus every wearer. Your jewellery acts as a reminder of your personal intentions.

Be it our zodiac necklaces or a 14K gold stacking ring, every By Charlotte piece is designed to capture the essence of its symbol. Set your intention with a delicate engraving, a precious gemstone or meaningful symbol. And carry this intention with you. Our jewellery acts as a reminder to the wearer of the messages of connection, positivity and gratitude.

We lovingly design every By Charlotte piece with intention, a heartfelt process that allows our mantras to carry through to you. Our jewellery makes the perfect, thoughtful gift, for yourself or for a loved one.

Whether a symbolic statement piece or a stackable jewel, By Charlotte carefully designs to allow for your personal style to pair with your personal life journey. Find a message that you hold close, or assign your unique mantra to your jewellery. Browse our selection of bracelets today. We hope you find your perfect keepsake.