14k White Gold Shine Your Light Ring
14k White Gold Sweet Droplet Diamond Ring
Live in Grace Ring
Live in Love Ring
Starlight Ring
Wish Ring
Stardust Ring
Endless Grace Pearl Ring
Adored Ring
All Kinds of Beautiful Ring
Connect Deeply Ring
Connect With Your Heart Ring
Lover Medium Ring
Lover Thin Ring
Lover Bold Ring
Eye of Intuition Ring
Breathe Spinning Meditation Ring
I Am Enough Spinning Meditation Ring
Align Your Soul Ring
Wanderer Ring
Dancing In Starlight Ring
Horizon Ring
Gold Trust Spinning Meditation Ring
Gold Guiding Light Ring

Intentionally designed in Australia, by charlotte rings are designed to help you feel loved and treasured, wherever your unique journey takes you. Carefully crafted in metals of gold and sterling silver – while encrusted with crystals, semi-precious stones, and delicate diamonds – these rings will remind you to shine brightly.

Designed to inspire and empower your inner light, you’ll find something to love in our ring collection. By combining the minimal and the delicate, you’ll create an effortless yet meaningful, free-spirited look. You will radiate with joy and shimmering light.

Each ring is deliberately and carefully designed to foster the relationship between your mind, body, and spirit. How? Through the use of precious materials and meaningful mantras inscribed with shimmering adornments. So much more than your average ring, these gilded pieces will empower you to be present in the moment – amongst the pressures of a busy life – while projecting your delicate, heavenly look.

Our semi-precious stones and crystals capture the celestial energy of the sun, moon and stars, creating an affirming connection to the world around you. Each ring also features uplifting symbols, like the Evil Eye and the Clover of Luck, in order to spread good fortune your way. Plus, they’ll help you harness the power of positive thinking as you move through your journey.

A signature piece from  by charlotte, The 14k Gold Crystal Lotus Flower Ring represents your enlightened, spiritual connection to the universe. The Lotus Flower is known to symbolise purity of the mind, body and spirit, as well as new beginnings.

How you wish to wear our rings is your choice. Wear individually for a luxe, minimalist look. Create a unique stacked and layered combination. Any way you choose to wear them, our quality rings will re-centre your energy, and guide you on your journey to enlightenment.