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Discover our curated collection of timeless rings in gold and silver. Every By Charlotte piece carries with it messages of mindfulness, kinship and gratitude, acting as a personal guide through your life journey.

Gift a meaningful ring for a loved one or add a precious gemstone to your personal collection. With a mindful design practice, our rings serve as reminders of your personal intentions, with considered mantras to guide you through every day.

Our ring collection includes positive symbols, precious jewels and stackable pieces. All of our pieces are lovingly designed to channel its message through to the wearer. Whether it’s a gentle gold necklace or a statement 14K gold ring.

As with all of our jewellery, we have created a collection of rings carrying beautiful birthstones and diamonds. Each ring carries a personal message inspired by its stone’s unique symbolism. Wearing the stone allows you to channel an intention close to your heart.

Discover a carefully curated collection of gold and silver rings, marked with meaningful motifs, symbols and precious jewels. We believe in meaningful jewellery, designing pieces that guide the wearer through their journey towards self-discovery.

Manifest a single message or layer motifs to curate a personalised affirmation. Our purposeful rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces are designed to carry the wearer through positive memories, meaningful milestones and personal growth.

Our pieces can elevate your look as well as act as a guide through your journey towards personal growth and discovery. Discover our collection of gold and silver rings. We have a selection of stackable rings as well as beautiful statement jewellery so you can find the perfect piece.