Evil Eye

I Am Protected Necklace
Eye Of Intuition Cord Bracelet
Eye of Intuition Ring
14k Gold Evil Eye Bracelet
I Am Protected Amazonite Bracelet
Eye of Intuition Necklace
I Am Protected Ring
Eye of Intuition Hoops
Eye Of Intuition Choker
I Am Protected Hoops
Eye Of Purity Pearl Choker
14k Gold Evil Eye Necklace
Gold Lucky Lotus Necklace
Eye of Intuition Bracelet
Eye of Intuition Earrings
Eye of Peace Hoops
14k Gold Evil Eye Ring
Available in 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,
Eye of Peace Necklace
Eye of Purity Pearl Bracelet
14k Gold Evil Eye Single Hoop
Available in Single,
Silver Lucky Lotus Necklace
14k Gold Evil Eye Single Earring
Available in Single,
Silver Blessed Eye Necklace
Gold Blessed Eye Necklace