Live In Peace Pearl Chain Earrings
Live In Peace Pearl Single Chain Earring
Endless Light Chain Earrings
Endless Light Single Chain Earring
Eye of Intuition Earrings
I Am Light and Love Chain Earrings
Tear Drop Chain Pearl Earrings
Intention of Peace Pearl Hoops
I Am Protected Hoops
My Heart is Grateful Hoops
Intention of Protection Amethyst Hoops
Intention of Truth Amazonite Hoops
My Soul Is Peaceful Hoops
14k Gold Celestial Single Sleeper
Available in Single,
14K Gold Diamond April White Topaz Birthstone Single Stud Earring
14k Gold Ethereal Light Diamond Stud Earring
14k Gold Eternal Love Diamond Single Stud Earring
14k Gold Eternal Love Diamond Single Sleeper
Pure Love Single Stud Earring
Pure Love Single Hoop
Pure Love Single Sleeper

By Charlotte carries a selection of earrings in gold and silver, with each pair carrying a thoughtfully selected stone or symbol. Browse our range of studs, hoops, sleepers and flatbacks, or curate your ear with us.

We lovingly design jewellery that guides the wearer through their personal journey. By layering our jewellery, you can personalise your affirmation, a way to attract love, good fortune and balance. Each piece inspires the wearer to take ownership of their intentions and welcome positivity, love and kindness.

Gift a pair of hoops to a loved one, mark a special milestone or find a beautiful treasure just for yourself. Each piece holds a unique message, and each wearer carries that message wherever they go.

We design our jewellery in Sydney, Australia. Our design process ensures that each positive intention carries through to the wearer. Channel a single message with an individual stud or add layered symbols to craft your own personalised ear stack.

With our selection of mindful jewellery, you can curate your ear to both create a personalised look as well as a personal intention. Our range includes simple gold hoops, delicate flatbacks, studs, sleepers and daith rings. Keep a simple pair of earrings for daily wear or create a layered look carrying delicate gemstones and symbols. We believe in purposeful jewellery, meaning each By Charlotte piece you add to your collection is a message and reminder of your life journey.

By Charlotte jewellery is carefully curated, designed with intention, every creation comes with a unique practice to allow its message to carry through to the wearer. Our beautiful designs hold positive messages of kindness, love and friendship. Browse our selection of earrings online today. We hope you find a beautiful keepsake that resonates with you on a personal level.