14k Gold Magic Within Birthstone Diamond Ring
14k Gold Lotus Birthstone Diamond Necklace
14k Gold Always In My Heart Birthstone Pendant
14k Gold Magic Within Birthstone Diamond Bracelet
Written In The Stars Birthstone Pendant
Lotus Birthstone Necklace
14k Gold Lucky Zodiac Diamond Single Earring
14k Gold Signature Chain Necklace
14k Gold Lucky Starry Night Zodiac Bracelet
14k Gold Lucky Starry Night Zodiac Diamond Ring
18" Signature Chain Necklace
21" Signature Chain Necklace

By Charlotte birthstone jewellery is made for the free-spirited soul, who is looking to connect and resonate with beautiful jewels that reflect their own unique light. Each and every heavenly piece is inspired by the individual spirit of the modern bohemian.

Wear alone for delicate simplicity or layer to add a personal shine to your divine look. Birthstone jewellery is specially designed to reflect and embody the unique virtues of the wearer. With each stone comes a beautiful discovery of its deeper meaning, connecting the wearer to their greater purpose and guiding them on a journey to enlightenment. Adorn yourself with the beauty and power of your birthstone for luck, love and faith in all your ventures to come. Let their properties balance and cleanse you with love and light and ground yourself with the power of self-connection and reflection with delicate stones that are made just for you.

Consult the skies and ignite your higher power in all that you do to find bliss and enlightenment. By Charlotte birthstone jewellery, Australian designed and delicately crafted, will fill your soul and guide you to enlightenment.