Lotus Birthstone Necklace
Lotus Short Necklace
Live in Love Necklace
Live In Light Lotus Necklace
She is Zodiac Necklace
Path to Harmony Choker
Available in
14k Gold Mini Lotus Necklace
14k Gold Lotus Birthstone Diamond Necklace
14k Gold Sweet Droplet Diamond Necklace
Grace Choker
Moonlight Choker
18" Signature Chain Necklace
Everything You Are Is Enough Small Necklace
14k Gold Starry Night Zodiac Constellation Diamond Necklace
Stardust Choker
14k Gold Love Letter Necklace
Available in all letters
14k Gold 18" Signature Chain Necklace
21" Signature Chain Necklace
Lotus and Little Buddha Necklace
18" Fine Rolo Chain Necklace
Valued At $328
14k Gold Always In My Heart Necklace
Valued At $579
14k Gold Forever Love Diamond Letter Necklace
Live in Peace Lotus Necklace
Live in Peace Choker

Designed to inspire and guide the wearer on their own unique journey, each necklace is created with intention and holds a deeper meaning.

Align you to your soul’s purpose. Impart a sense of calm, clarity, and positive energy into your life with a necklace as unique as you are. Spread love and light wherever you go with a layered necklace and choker that will make you radiate.

Our pendants are adorned with symbols and stones that promote positive thinking, kindness, and joy. Each inscription has affirmations and mantras that serve as a daily reminder to love – and be loved – as well as believe in the power of you.

Want to reveal your inner radiance with a striking necklace? Our 18k gold vermeil necklaces will enhance your inner glow. You will emanate your energy with high quality and beautifully crafted bespoke pieces. You can also enhance your wardrobe with beautifully designed necklaces in equally radiant sterling silver, which sparkle with delight in the glistening moonlight.

Made with the utmost care by our experienced artisans, every by charlotte piece offers the best in quality craftsmanship, materials and mindfully inspired designs. You’ll enjoy superior quality and thoughtful design aimed to uplift your spirits.

Our signature necklace design is the by charlotte Lotus necklace. Worn by the likes of Miranda Kerr, Rose Huntington-Whiteley, Geounirgia Fowler, Shanina Shaik and Tash Oakley, the iconic lotus is a known favourite and signature motif of the brand. Due its iconic status, we’ve created several more necklaces inspired by the lotus, designed to harmonise, balance, and uplift the wearer.

Since the Lotus necklace’s debut, by charlotte has released a number of unique pieces and collections. Each one is aligned to our vision of creating mindful moments in everyday life. From zodiac inspired pieces to match to your star sign, to birthstone pendants and necklaces for your birth months, as well as by charlotte’s stackable chain necklaces and chokers, which aim to enhance your magic within. Each one of our spirited designs is carefully created with the wearer in mind, in the hopes of providing inspiration, clarity and tranquillity, while being exquisite to behold.

Work, family, and personal commitments can make it hard to maintain daily inner peace. That’s where by charlotte can help. Our goal is to provide you with pieces you’ll love wearing for how they make you look AND feel. Pieces that create moments of mindfulness in your life, through inscribed affirmations and intentions.

Wherever you find yourself in your busy work week, our spirited designs will help you maintain inner calm and balance. Let them be a visual reminder to be mindful and help you focus on maintaining harmony and equilibrium, no matter what the day has in store.