Eye Of Purity Pearl Choker
Eye Of Intuition Choker
Eye of Intuition Necklace
Tear Drop Pearl Choker
New Beginnings Necklace
14k Gold Signature Chain Necklace
14k All You Need Necklace
I Am Protected Necklace
My Heart Is Grateful Necklace
My Soul Is Peaceful Necklace
Live in Peace Pearl Choker
I Am Light and Love Necklace
14k Gold Eternal Love Diamond Necklace Pendant (Coming Soon)
Available in
Pure Love Necklace
18" Signature Chain Necklace
Available in
Gold Follow Your Dreams Necklace
14k Gold Starry Night Zodiac Constellation Diamond Necklace

Beautiful necklaces created with intention and meaning. Align our necklaces with your personal journey, using our pendants, symbols and precious stones as a reminder and guide towards your milestones and goals.

Our selection of necklaces can be worn alone or layered with your other jewellery. We design meaningful motifs paired with positive and inspiring affirmations. When you carry a By Charlotte necklace you carry the message you choose to hold close to your heart.

The lotus flower symbolises new beginnings, a beautiful bloom inspiring positivity and creativity. Our signature Lotus design is available in gold or silver, with special designs carrying additional pendants and motifs.

Each By Charlotte pendant has been thoughtfully designed to symbolise a personal mantra, guiding you through special moments and milestones. Pendants can be attached to your favourite necklace or added to a new By Charlotte chain.

Carry the message of your Zodiac throughout your day. Be it a precious birthstone or delicate engraving. For those connected to their birth month or Zodiac sign, our necklaces encourage you to channel what makes your sign unique.

Gift a beautiful matching set to a loved one to mark the meaningful connection you share. Every relationship is unique, and our matching sets can reflect your gratitude towards a mother, a sibling, a close friend or someone close to your heart.

Whether a delicate pendant, a beautiful choker or a matching set for a loved one, each piece is intended to guide, harmonise and create balance within the wearer. With our collection of necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets you can create a personalised message to guide you through your journey.

Wear a By Charlotte necklace on its own or layer it with your favourite jewellery. Each symbol is intended to give the wearer a personal guide, whose message is uniquely yours. Our design process is careful and considered, allowing the intention to carry through to the wearer. Browse our collection of necklaces to find a new keepsake today.