Lotus Jewellery

Lotus Birthstone Necklace
Grace Bracelet
Rounded Lotus Locket Pendant
Blessed Lotus Necklace
14k Gold Crystal Lotus Flower Bracelet
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Lotus Short Necklace
Grace Hoops
Everything You Are Is Enough Small Necklace
I Am Enough Spinning Meditation Ring
Grace Choker
14k Gold Crystal Lotus Flower Ring
14k Gold Everything You Are Is Enough Necklace
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14k Gold Crystal Lotus Flower Stud Earring
14k Gold Lotus Birthstone Diamond Necklace
14k Gold Lotus Flower Necklace Pendant
Lucky Lotus Necklace
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Lotus and Little Buddha Necklace
14k Gold Crystal Lotus Flower Hoop
Single Earring
14k Gold Crystal Lotus Flower Necklace
Lotus of Hope Necklace
Gold I Am Enough Spinning Meditation Necklace
Heart Lotus Locket Pendant
14k Gold Blossom Lab-Grown Diamond Bracelet
14k Gold Blossom Lab-Grown Diamond Hoop
Single Earring

Starting life as a tiny bud, the Lotus flower emerges from the depths of the murky pond to break free and blossom into a beautiful flower. Much like the life we lead, from little things, big things grow. Our Lotus necklaces are designed to guide you through your journey of self-discovery; a protective symbol for reaching your full potential. We’ve designed a range to suit any style, whether it’s a signature piece of jewellery, or a beautiful layering necklace to add to your collection. 

The signature Lotus pendant is available in goldsilver as well as in 14k gold. The Lotus Collection allows the wearer to harmonise and balance the blossoming lotus motif through added symbols and pendants. 

 The ancient lotus symbol channels a message of renewal and self-discovery, while our unique variations include symbols that work in harmony to this message. 

The birthstone collection is made up of 12 unique gemstones with meaningful messages attached. Pair the Lotus’ new beginning with your birthstone’s unique affirmation to renew and recapture your true self. 

The Lotus of new beginnings meets with the Buddha of compassion, promoting kindness, gratitude and acceptance. Enlighten your new path through friendship, compassion and love.  

A layered piece featuring small four-leaf clover pendants, a symbol of good fortune. As you have your new path, the clover guides it by attracting good luck and peace.  

An encrusted Hamsa Hand protects you and spreads good fortune as you follow the message of new beginnings that the Lotus inspires. 

The Lucky Lotus necklace protects the wearer against evil and misfortune, following them on their journey, and clearing the blockages holding them down. With intentional practices you can channel good fortune with ease.  

Marked along the chain of your Lotus necklace is the Eye of Peace, an aquamarine encrusted evil eye for protection against negative energy. A harmonious pairing to the Lotus. 

By Charlotte carefully designs each of our necklaces to ensure they capture the essence of their motifs. The signature Lotus necklace empowers the wearer to discover a new path, and a new self, guided by compassion, harmony and balance. Explore today.