Our Story

Founded in 2012 by former makeup artist Charlotte Blakeney, Australian jewellery brand By Charlotte was created to connect hearts and minds.

Each collection is beautifully crafted from sterling silver, vermeil and 14k gold and features signature motifs and precious gemstones in intricate settings.

In keeping with the By Charlotte brand and ethos, pieces are intentionally inscribed with uplifting affirmations to inspire the wearer with positivity and optimism.

Known and loved for our iconic Lotus necklace, By Charlotte is the destination for mindful jewellery and gifts that tell stories of love, friendship and cherished moments.
"Reminding yourself of what is important in life and what you are grateful for is a beautiful way to be present and shift your mindset.

Each By Charlotte piece is created with an intention so that you can carry and reflect on that intention throughout your day."

Founder & Director

Our Sydney Flagship

Our Sydney Flagship boutique is where the magic of By Charlotte is brought to life. 

Our iconic boutique and ‘Everything you are is enough…’ lotus mural is situated in the heart of Sydney’s quaint shopping hub, Paddington.

Filled with an abundance of natural light and uplifting messages, visitors are instantly transported to a calm and peaceful sanctuary.

At By Charlotte, we truly believe that jewellery should resonate with the wearer on a deep and personal level.

Visitors are invited to explore our full collection of jewellery and gifts while learning about the intention behind each piece.

This unique shopping experience was intended to make our community feel welcome and grounded while providing a retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
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By Charlotte Sydney Flagship
43 William Street,
NSW 2021

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Monday to Wednesday - 10am to 5pm
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