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14k Gold Eternal Love Diamond Ring
14k Gold Eternal Love Diamond Single Stud Earring
14k Gold Eternal Love Diamond Bracelet
14k Gold Eternal Love Diamond Single Sleeper
14k Gold Eternal Love Diamond Single Hoop
Pure Love Necklace Pendant
14k Gold Eternal Love Diamond Necklace Pendant
Pure Love Ring
Pure Love Single Stud Earring
Pure Love Single Sleeper
Pure Love Bracelet
Pure Love Single Hoop
I Am Protected Pendant
Live in Peace Pearl Choker
14k Gold Eternal Love Diamond Necklace
I Am Protected Hoops
14k Gold Celestial Single Sleeper
Available in Single,
My Soul Is Peaceful Pearl Bracelet
Intention of Peace Pearl Hoops
14k Gold Evil Eye Single Hoop
Available in Single,
I Am Light and Love Necklace
Live In Peace Pearl Single Chain Earring
14k Gold Diamond June Pearl Birthstone Bracelet
14k Gold Evil Eye Ring
Available in 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,

By Charlotte jewels are for those looking to carry positive energy and enlightenment wherever they go. Designed by Charlotte herself, each piece of delicate jewellery is made to be worn singularly for minimal simplicity or layered for a heavenly bohemian inspired look.

With shining finishes, intricate details and unique designs, each and every piece is made to ignite energy and balance in its wearer. By Charlotte’s collection of jewellery online is made to be treasured. Charlotte hand designs her delicate pieces to capture the spirit of the soul, and turn each jewel into something that will be treasured forever. By Charlotte’s boho jewellery is created in metals of gold, rose gold, silver, as well as 14k gold and white gold to suit anybody looking to wear daily reminders of hope, positivity and enlightenment.

Delicate pendants are adorned with crystals, semi-precious and precious stones, and are inscribed with mantras and daily affirmations to inspire and encourage the wearer on their journey through life. Connect with one’s self with jewels that carry deeper meanings.