5 minutes with... Chloe Lecareux

5 minutes with... Chloe Lecareux
During our recent AW18 campaign shoot, I sat down with our gorgeous campaign model @chloelecareux to find out a little more about her... 


1. What do you love most about living in Australia? 
I love the lifestyle, the weather, the beach!
I feel like people are so much more radiant in Europe. 
I guess we are much  happier in the sun.

2. Being a model you get to have some amazing experiences, but what do you love most about what you do? 
 My favourite part is to create a story, specially in editorial, I really enjoy to transform my self in someone else.   You always leave with a new experience and perspective after each job.

3. What do you do to unwind and stay centred? 
I believe in listening to your own body; t
his is how you know what is good for you or not.  I try to sleep as early as possible because I’m an early bird and working out is also apart of my every day life. Staying active everyday makes me feel better, inside out. 

4. Do you have any rituals? 

My rituals consist of drinking lots of water and walking,
 I try to walk as much as possible. I am also a firm believer in disconnecting from technology, I always place my phone on airplanes mode one hour before bed time. 

5. Do you have a mantra that you live by?
Do what makes you feel happy!

5. Whats the one thing in your day that you can’t live without?
My workout, I can’t spend a day without a workout. 

I enjoy morning swims and pilates, I’m really addicted.

6. What is your go to jewellery style? 
I prefer to keep it simple during the day with a delicate gold necklace and small earrings. I'm loving the Blessing Choker and Radiant Thread Earrings from the Awaken collection. I believe jewellery can always take your look to another level, it’s all about details.

7. We love your style and feel so blessed to have you as our Awaken campaign model. What do you love about the collection?  
I love the simplicity of this collection, and the meanings of behind your jewellery. I love spiritual and positive pieces because it’s not only beautiful, but it means something when you wear it, you have a deeper connection with your jewels.