BC Wellness | State of Salt x By Charlotte Yoga Retreat

BC Wellness | State of Salt x By Charlotte Yoga Retreat

We recently co-hosted our first ever yoga retreat in collaboration with our dear friends and kindred spirits State of Salt and Sjana Elise Earp.

We spent 4 magic-filled days at the Align Your Soul yoga retreat nestled in the hills of Byron Bay's lush hinterland at Blue Green Sanctuary, where we were immersed in nature, yoga, mindfulness and positive vibrations.

This incredible experience filled our hearts with an abundance of love and light and we are incredibly grateful for the inspiring connections that we made during the retreat.

Post-retreat, we caught up with Claudia Wareham to hear more about her journey, State of Salt and magic moments at the Align Your Soul Yoga Retreat.

Tell us a little bit about yourself...

My name is Claudia, I am 27, I live with my partner Tobi and our dog Zev on 'Easy Street’ in Byron Bay, which is so cliche but I love it! I move at a fast pace with everything I do. I am very ambitious and driven, always creating new goals for myself.

Movement is definitely medicine for me whether that is yoga, pilates or walking Zev. I need nature every single day (preferably the ocean). Sunshine is my soulmate, I will do anything to be in the warmth of the sun! I am an early riser and go to bed early.

What's your zodiac sign?


What is State of Salt?

"State of Salt was brought to life in January 2019 on a quest to create a cool yoga brand that offered bespoke and luxury yoga retreats and training for the modern world. We honour different lineages of yoga and intertwine the traditional practice into our modern life with a light-hearted approach. We're not about preaching or judging but providing you with the tools that help enhance the richness and quality of your life. (While doing it all in style!)"

How did you start out on your path to becoming a yoga teacher — and why did you choose to focus on retreats?

"When I was 18 I received a scholarship to a performing arts college in Los Angeles, AMDA. I moved to LA as fast as I could and spent my days in dancing and acting classes. The school's policy if you missed a dancing class was to make up for the credits with a morning yoga class. After college finished I was taking more yoga than dancing classes and just loved how it made me feel. I went to India for my first 200hr YTT and started teaching as soon as I came home, I haven’t stopped teaching."

"My family all own their own businesses and it was in my blood to do something with yoga. I started running day retreats, yoga and wine events and every time the retreats and events became bigger and better. I love hosting retreats as you can fully immerse yourself in the experience, you have the time and space to heal, nourish, recharge and grow!"

What are the benefits of going on a yoga retreat?

"On retreat, you have the ability to step away from your day-to-day dramas and get a greater perspective on what’s truly important in your life. Nourishing yourself with wholesome foods, connecting with new like-minded people, self-healing which leads to self-development and leaving fully recharged with that sparkle back in your life. At State of Salt, we always find the most stunning artfully designed locations for you to go through this journey."

Tell us about the Align Your Soul yoga retreat?

"I am not just saying this to pump up this answer… The Align Your Soul Yoga Retreat has been my most favourite retreat to create thus far! From connecting with all of the girls at By Charlotte, (I never thought I could meet such generous, kind, giving, company and team) to looking through all of the photos now that it's finished. I am so grateful for this experience.

The retreat was about focusing on your chakras to re-align your soul. And that we did! We started with a welcome circle with Charlotte, Sjana and myself. Then over the following days practised sensational yoga and meditation with Sjana, had our tarot cards read, created deep connections in late-night honesty circles, painted on the lawns with an art therapy session, we were serenaded with crystal bowl sound healings and ate plant-based wholesome foods. Our photographer captured all of these amazing moments and memories so that we could put our phones down."

What was it like having Sjana as the host?

"Sjana absolutely blew my mind! She is one of the most intelligent, kind, open-hearted humans that I have come across. It takes a lot of energy to give undivided attention and love to all of the girls on retreat, and you can see how authentic and genuine she is when she speaks to anyone. She truly cares. I feel truly honoured to have worked with her, she left a little sparkle on my heart."

What was the highlight of the retreat?

"For me it was meeting and hearing everyone's story, Charlotte and Sjana included. There were people from all walks and ages of life on this retreat. I think storytelling in safe environments is so beautiful, healing and expanding. The energy on this retreat from all of the girls was electric, I am still buzzing!"

What is your favourite mantra/affirmation?

"Sjana shared a mantra with us on retreat that really resonated with me. Ho’opnopono, a beautiful Hawaiian prayer - “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.”"

What's next for State of Salt?

"We have major plans for State of Salt this year, I am so excited! Lots more retreats coming up - some in Australia, some internationally. We have a yin teacher training in Byron Bay this October and some things that are still top secret, so STAY TUNED!"

Claudia's Picks...

Learn more about State of Salt and retreats here: https://www.stateofsalt.com.au/

Photography by: Sarah McLennan & Sammy Mather