By Charlotte x Sisters Village

By Charlotte x Sisters Village

Tell us about yourself and Sisters Village.

I am Amy, 28, a mother, lover of the cosmos, living a beautiful, slow and purposeful life in South Australia.

Sisters Village is my little creative outlet, filled with positive and uplifting words and astrology. All content is written and inspired by yours truly. It’s my heart and soul.

What initially attracted you to Astrology?

I think it was when I started to read about my own zodiac sign when I was a teenager, I just related so deeply and needed to know more and as I delved deeper and deeper into the study my love and connection with astrology only grew from there.

What inspired you to create Sisters Village?

I wanted to share a positive light on astrology and the signs. Lots of signs get a bad rep and while there is a light side and a shadow side to each zodiac sign, I wanted to showcase that light and the amazing potential that each sign has, to help people feel empowered by their sign.

Tell us about the collaboration with By Charlotte?

By Charlotte x Sisters Village is a collection of beautiful keepsake pieces with purposeful and positive affirmations that I wrote for each sign, to empower and inspire.

How can affirmations be used to empower and
inspire women?

The subconscious mind is a powerful thing, if you are constantly speaking negatively about yourself or your life, your subconscious feeds on it and keeps those negative thought patterns alive.

So when you put positive affirmations, in place of negative self-talk ~ even if you don’t believe what you are saying yet, your subconscious will feed on those words, and eventually, your inner narrative will shift to a more positive and empowered light.

The way you speak about yourself and to yourself is so important. Self-love can heal.

What’s your sign?

My zodiac sign is Cancer. Motherly, emotional, gentle, and caring. Balanced out by a very fire dominant chart.

How do our Sun, Moon, and Rising signs affect
our personality?

Your sun sign shows up the most in your personality, it reflects the core of who you are, your values, and qualities.

Your moon sign is known as the “inner you” it reflects your inner desires and how you regulate your emotions. The moon sign can show up quite a lot in someone’s personality especially if it is of a dominant element (water and earth being the most dominant elements)

Your rising sign is known as “how you carry yourself out in the world” it reflects how you come across to others. Your rising is also your spiritual potential. When you are embodying the energy of your rising, this is when you are likely to feel the most fulfilled.

Which star sign intrigues you the most?

It changes with the seasons, at the moment it’s Scorpio. Love the power and passion that Scorpio possesses.

What aspects of astrology do you think give us the most guidance to gaining a greater understanding of our true self?

Definitely your rising/ascendant, it’s the sign that was rising on the horizon as your soul was rising into your body when you first entered this world and essentially represents what your soul needs you to embody to feel fulfilled and live with purpose.

How can we integrate astrology into our mindful practice?

Follow the cycles of the moon on the zodiac wheel, as the moon shifts so do the energy, and following it can bring you a lot of inner guidance.  

There’s a new moon this weekend (17th October), what is the significance of this particular astrological event?

This upcoming new moon is in our peace-loving sign of Libra. New moons are the start of a new lunar cycle. They are a reset, a fresh start. It’s a time to honour the things you have gone through, set new intentions, manifest your dreams, and become the highest version of yourself.

What is your favourite affirmation?

I live with intention and purpose, I am the creator of my story.

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