Ethical Practices

Making a positive impact on the world lies at the heart of everything we do.

We are on an ongoing journey to minimise our environmental impact, empower the people who produce our jewellery, source the most ethical materials, and enhance supply chain transparency.

We are actively working towards becoming a part of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC). As the leading international standard setting organisation for diamonds, gold and platinum group metals, the RJC’s Code of Practices covers crucial topics such as human rights, labour rights, environmental impact and mining practices.

Our commitment

Responsible Jewellery Council

Our primary manufacturers hold RJC certificates, indicating that sustainability and superior craftsmanship are key priorities. Each piece is crafted in-house according to closed-loop sustainable manufacturing principles that make luxury more meaningful. All factory operations are performed according to Responsible Jewellery Council member guidelines for safety, sustainability, environmental protection, and labour rights. As a company, we are committed to visiting our manufacturers at least twice a year to ensure the highest standards and ensure that our partners are upholding the values we hold dear.

Over the next five years we endeavour to become RJC certified. Our commitment to align all operations with our goal of sustainable environmental and social impact will shape our future.

Ethical Lab-Grown Diamonds

We’re committed to using high quality, sustainably and ethically produced lab-grown diamonds. We only use lab-grown diamonds which have been sourced via our Responsible Jewellery Council and SCS Global verified manufacturer based in Thailand.

As lab-grown diamonds are grown in highly controlled laboratories, their creation removes the extensive human resources, unethical labour and environmental disruption potentially required in acquiring a natural diamond. Our decision to introduce lab-grown diamonds is therefore anchored in their minimal environmental and social impact, relative to natural diamonds. Further, while most natural diamonds are not traceable to their origins, the man-made nature of a lab-grown diamond can facilitate this traceability.

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