Protection Of Eye

Introducing Protection of Eye, an ode to your radiant energy and the evil eye’s power to protect it.

In the quiet heart of nature, your journey of self-discovery
begins. Beneath the surface lies a hidden strength, your magic that shines from

This collection draws inspiration from the evil eye, an ancient talisman of protection. With its watchful gaze, the evil eye inspires resilience against the negative forces that may compromise your confidence and self-love. Embraced by its protective aura, the wearer is empowered to radiate their inner light.

Each piece is a unique reimagination of the evil eye, weaving together shapes, textures, and gemstones that are reminiscent of the ancient symbol. Vibrant marquise and oval cut stones shine brilliantly in hues inspired by the elements that shape our world.

The collection heroes reversible necklace pendants that are cast with hand-drawn artworks and positive mantras. Each of the four amulet-inspired pendants serves as a daily affirmation of love, luck, protection, and guidance.

Protection of Eye continues our tradition of pieces designed for intentional layering with a focus on statement chains, rings, and earrings.

Through protective stones and symbols, this collection brings to light the magic that’s always within you; knowing your energy is protected, you can fearlessly pursue your dreams.

Crafted by a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council in Thailand.

Available in 18k gold vermeil and selected styles in sterling silver.

Your journey to self-discovery begins in the heart of nature, where you are most free. Your curiosity runs wild under the promise of self-discovery. In the embrace of Mother Nature, you are guided. Your deepest desires and dreams come to light.

Protected by the evil eye, your spirit soars, guarded and free. In the darkest moments, it's the bright light within that will illuminate the way forward. Whichever path you choose, the universe has your back.

Safe and secure, you embody self-love and confidence. Positive energy radiates from within, touching everything around you. You attract luck and love.

The culmination of your transformative journey: your passion and purpose shine brightly. Your inner magic is sacred, harness it to bring your dreams to life. Protect your energy.


Model - Montana Cox

Photographer – Emily Abay

Videographer - Bill Mansfield

Hair and Makeup – Katie Angus

Creative Direction, Styling & Production – by charlotte