Follow The Sun: The Holiday Edit

Join us as we follow the sun on our first adventure to the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean.

Charlotte’s packing advice: less is more. Save luggage space for the treasures you’ll pick up along the way. For a summer spent under the Spanish sun, your only essentials are a bikini and jewellery to drape across your sun kissed skin.

We welcome you to paradise: Costa Brava, Spain. Here, amid picturesque coves lined with beach side tavernas, an endless summer unfolds.

Your days are filled with lounging, swimming and basking in the sun. A change of jewels is all you need to take you from beach to bar for a sangria and dance under the stars.

In the afterglow of your holiday, your blissful summer memories are never far away, always captured in your most cherished keepsakes.

Discover The Holiday Edit, curated for your next escape.


Model - Jey Rocher

Photographer – Libby Willis

Creative Direction and Styling - by charlotte

Production - Sarah Birchley