Your August Horoscope Is Here!

Your August Horoscope Is Here!

Written personally by Founder & Astrologer of Girl and Her Moon, Jordane Maree.

August is here and it’s bringing a whole lot of excitement into your life! Prepare to embrace a renewed level of motivation to approach your goals with purpose. A Full Moon in Aquarius on the 12th will inspire you to think outside the box in all realms of your life. Harness your individuality during this time and get innovative with your problem-solving.

August 27th will bring a New Moon in Virgo, opening up new opportunities to approach our short-term goals. This is a great motivator for you to focus on important tasks and refining your daily routine.

Discover what’s in store for your zodiac in the month of August.

There is an emphasis on your communication, ideas, and work, this month Aries, sprinkled with romance and creativity.

A full Moon in Aquarius brings connection, community and a spotlight on your dreams and hopes, while Venus guides you to create art, revel in romance, and make everything around you beautiful.

The second half of August is a time to get clear on any projects, routines, ideas or new habits that you are ready to take on as Mars moves into your communication sector bringing a heat, passion, and drive into the way you express and share ideas, and a new Moon closes off the month ushering you into a new beginning in your work life, your habits and again, your health.

Beautiful Taurus, a full Moon this month shines in your career sector asking you to release any limiting beliefs and ways of being that are in the way of you living your grandest career dreams. Later in the month Mars brings passion and drive into your relationship with money. Use this time to get clear on any goals and desires you hold around your finances and don’t be afraid to think big.

The last half of the month holds a brightness, a creativity, and child-like joy within its days that has the potential to be deeply healing. How can you let your inner child lead you into play and creativity?

Gemini this month begins with you in your element, with the Sun asking you to communicate your ideas with joy and excitement.

A mid-month Full Moon speaks to broadening your horizons, whether it’s travel on your heart or learning through ancient philosophies or new cultures. And an end of month New Moon asks you to create a sense of healing in your home space.

The big astrological happening for you in August is Mars moving into your sign. Mars is passion, movement, desire, and action. Use this momentum to get clear on what direction you want to walk in and what desires you are ready to manifest.

Cancer themes throughout this month point to deep inner healing in the realms of intimacy, vulnerability, and the subconscious. Self-reflection and giving yourself permission to feel all your emotions are your greatest support and hold the potential for a release of all that is no longer yours to hold.

The first half of August asks you to heal and renew your relationship with how you value your innate worth and your relationship with all things finances, while the second half of the month shifts into your communication and ideas sector. This new Moon at the end of the month brings a new beginning in the way you share your thoughts, ideas, and creative energy with the world.

The month begins in the essence of you, Leo. The sun is shining in your sign sharing creativity, joy and warmth.

A full Moon mid-month is all about your relationships – whether romantic, friendship or business partnerships, while Mars brings passion and drive to your biggest dreams. Take some space to journal about your desires or create a vision board filled with all that excites you.

As the Sun moves into Virgo and a new Moon closes the month, the second half of August an invitation to dive into and explore your sense of self-worth, how you value all that you are and how this translates into how you value your finances.

August brings the beginning of your season, Virgo! But before the Sun moves into your sign and your new chapter of renewal begins, first comes time for reflection and release in preparation.

A full Moon this month shines a big beautiful light in a space you are comfortable with, Virgo, your health, routines and habits. How can you serve yourself in a way that you deserve? As Mars enters your career realm, this boost of energy will allow you to bring a new sense of purpose, passion, and action into your work life.

A new Moon in your sign asks you to plant some new seeds. Who do you desire to be? What is shifting in your identity?

There is wisdom tapping on your shoulder, Libra. This month begins asking you to zoom out and look at the bigger picture, and your greater vision for your life. As Mars moves into your house of higher learning and adventure, there is a thirst for knowledge, wisdom and expansion of how you see the world. These two energies can be beautifully influential in who you become throughout the rest of the year.

A full Moon highlights asks you to take some space for joy and creativity, while a new Moon closes off the month connecting you inward to your imagination and intuition.

There has been a focus on your career life, Scorpio! What is ready emerge in your work? New ideas calling your name, a shift taking place? Take some space to tune in throughout the month.

An August full Moon sits in the most private part of your chart, asking you to fill yourself up with solitude, rest and embodied self-care. Mars brings intensity and passion into your most intimate relationships, and wherever Mars goes, action follows.

A new Moon closes off the month asking you to zoom out and dream. What are your bigger visions for your life? Take time to ground yourself under this lunation and speak your dreams into the Earth.

Knowledge, wisdom, and learning have been calling your name as we step into August, Sagittarius. This is your time to feed your mind and Soul with all it desires.

A full Moon in Aquarius is all about your mind, your communication, and your ideas. A beautiful time to meditate and journal, allowing new ideas and perspectives to flow into your reality.

As Mars moves into your relationship sector, it brings clarity, passion and movement into your partnerships, while a new Moon closes off the month bringing a new chapter of opportunities and ideas to your career life!

This month ushers you into your inner worlds, Capricorn, with intimacy, vulnerability, and deep inner healing ready to take place.

Mars brings a new sense of drive, passion, and beginning to how you tend to your health and work through your routines and habits, while a full Moon shines a light on all things inner worth and finances. This is a beautiful time to renew how you treat yourself both internally and through your daily actions.

As the Sun moves into Virgo and a new Moon closes off the month in the same sign, access to higher learning, wisdom, and adventure call your name and asking you to expand your perspectives.  

The Sun shines its warmth on your relationships this month, Aquarius. How can you deepen your connection and cultivate joy with your loved ones?

August brings a full Moon in your sign, bringing the opportunity for a major identity release. What is falling away, and what is emerging in you? You are transforming Aquarius. Bringing awareness to how you are shifting will allow for greater ease in your becoming.

Mars guides you into all things creativity, romance and joy, while a new Moon wants to deepen your intimacy with self, body, and your closest relationships. This is all about stripping away barriers and becoming vulnerable with the world.

How can you organise yourself and your days in a way that supports and nourishes your life? What habits and routines can you cultivate for greater mental, physical, and spiritual health? August begins with these questions for you, Pisces.

A full Moon on the 10th guides you into your inner worlds and asks you to release subconscious patterns that are no longer yours, while Mars brings a deeper inner connection to your body, your home, and your internal world.

The month closes with a new Moon opening new opportunities and beginnings in your relationships. This is a beautiful time to speak any wishes you have around love and collaborations into the world.