Awaken - Behind The Design

Awaken - Behind The Design

A vibrant exploration of the Earth’s elements, Awaken has been designed and crafted as a celebration of our intuitive connection to nature.

Join us as Founder & Director, Charlotte Blakeney and Head of Design, Dalena Le share the intricate process of bringing our Awaken collection to life.

Statement pendants feature illustrations hand-drawn in-house by Charlotte and the design team. Developed with CAD and 3D Printing, these pendants underwent a process of conceptualisation in our design studio to ensure they invoke the spirit of each earthly element.

“I think a signature touchstone of the brand is the fact that our pieces are little artworks in and of themselves. Using these design techniques ensured that every little detail on the pendants came to life in the way that Charlotte envisioned,” said Dalena Le.

Our Awaken collection debuts the specially crafted Annex Link Necklace, an innovative design with a push gate pendant carrier that allows you to mix and match these intentionally crafted pendants.

Ethically sourced and hand selected by Charlotte, a mosaic of semi-precious gemstones and crystals have been set in our Awaken pieces.

“This is our most vibrant collection yet! Working closely with our manufacturing team, we selected a beautiful range of gemstones that connect with the sentiment of each earthly element,” said Charlotte Blakeney, who has designed each piece with a deeper meaning for our customer to connect with. 

On the back of select jewels is delicately inscribed mantras that inspire you to follow your intuition and cherish the places and experiences that shape your soul.


The production of this collection is a milestone in by charlotte’s journey towards sustainability. Desert Sky has been produced by a fully certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) and a signatory to the UN Global Compact. Adopting a variety of closed-loop sustainable manufacturing principles, our design and production team prioritise sustainability and superior craftmanship.