Blessed Lotus | SS19

Blessed Lotus | SS19

Introducing...Blessed Lotus

A nod to By Charlotte’s signature lotus symbol, ‘Blessed Lotus’ is a collection for those looking to carry positive energy and enlightenment wherever they go.

With a distinctive organic luxe feel and texture, the collection is profoundly spirited with the intention of reminding the wearer to embrace and practice the unique virtues they embody and are destined to share with the world. 

Reimagined and redesigned, the Lotus Flower guides the wearer on a path of purity and infinite potential. Deeply personal lotus birthstone necklaces are the cornerstone of the beautifully bohemian collection. A tribute to the person you were born to be, each necklace is inscribed with twelve unique mantras to re-centre and inspire, and are adorned with a delicate birthstone.

Aligning you to your soul’s purpose, designs are crafted in sterling silver, gold and rose gold plating and embellished with precious and semi-precious stones to create a collection that encourages you to radiate your light to the world. Heavenly layering as well as minimal simplicity is effortlessly achieved for the free-spirited bohemian looking for spiritual alignment and good fortune.

Love and be loved with our Lotus ‘Blessed Lotus’ collection….

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Blessed Lotus | Spring/Summer 19
Model: Evie Rorvik
Direction: Charlotte Blakeney
Styling: Jessica Rolfe
Photographer: Emily Delphine
Hair & Makeup: Naomi McFadden