Breathe With Bianca Melas

Breathe With Bianca Melas

Introducing our newest collection, Breathe.


A collection inspired by the tranquillity of finding the present moment, these rings and necklaces have been crafted with a 360-degree rotating mechanism allowing them to spin when pushed.


The motion of spinning will help you to focus on the present, bringing you a sense of peace and releasing stress.


Our muse for Breathe, Bianca Melas, brought an essence of magic to the collection. Learn more about her relationship with mindfulness and how these pieces have brought moments of peace into her daily routine.

1. Tell us about yourself.

My name’s Bianca and I am a certified Naturopath, and Pilates instructor who has a huge passion for women’s health and creating change from the inside out so we can all radiate our light from within.

2. When did you start meditating?

I first began a more regular meditation practice 2 years ago after my beautiful partner encouraged me to try Vedic meditation. I had seen the profound effect it had on him and knew I was ready to take on this incredible practice.

3. How have you introduced mindfulness into your daily routine?

I try to introduce mindfulness throughout my day, firstly by starting my gratitude practice every morning - this always re-grounds and centres me. I try to continue mindfulness throughout the day by taking small moments to stop, breathe and notice what’s happening around me. These little acts of mindfulness can really help to take you out of your head and back into your body - especially when living in a fast-paced city.

4. Which piece from Breathe is your favourite?

Ooh this is hard to pick from, as I really loved what each piece represents! But if I have to pick it would be the beautiful ‘I Am Enough’ pieces.

5. What is your most loved daily affirmation?

I love a daily affirmation! My two favourites would be… ‘Head up, heart open’ and ‘I am love, I am powerful, I am magic’.