International Women’s Day 2024: 'Count Her In: Invest in Women. Accelerate Progress.'

International Women’s Day 2024: 'Count Her In: Invest in Women. Accelerate Progress.'

We Count Her In.

We Invest in Women.

We Accelerate Progress.

On this International Women's Day, March 8th, 2024, by charlotte stands in solidarity with the global call to action: 'Count Her In: Invest in Women. Accelerate Progress.'

Since 2012, our Founder, Charlotte Blakeney, has championed women's empowerment, leading a brand where women occupy 100% of leadership roles and drive our success. We are proud to be a business actively promoting gender equality and economic inclusion at every opportunity.

As we honour this day, by charlotte takes pride in joining the celebration and actively participating in the movement towards gender equality and economic inclusion.

Our Commitment to Change

At by charlotte, we believe in nurturing the extraordinary potential of our women through thoughtful investment and supportive growth opportunities at all levels within the business.

We are proud to have cultivated a nurturing environment that goes beyond equitable pay, one that truly embraces the unique journeys of women. Our approach to fostering growth and recognising the distinct challenges women encounter is embodied in our supportive policies:

Flexibility and Growth

Recognising that life encompasses both career ambitions and personal responsibilities, we offer our team flexible work arrangements to support those continuing their education.

Opening Opportunities

We provide avenues for those just starting their careers, helping them step through the door to a world of possibilities.

Mentorship and Development

Mentorship and development opportunities are provided to all team members ensuring personal and professional growth. We make a considered effort to hire and promote within where possible to continue to develop talent within our business.

Our Stories of Progress

As we celebrate this day, we shine a light on the stories of progress within by charlotte, highlighting the remarkable journeys of women like Grace, Sez, and Shieren, who have grown and thrived within our brand. Their stories are a testament to our commitment to fostering an inclusive, supportive workplace that champions the growth of every team member.

Grace Dispatch to Junior Buyer

Beginning her by charlotte career in Dispatch, Grace’s worth ethic, diligence and positive attitude has quickly seen her progress to Junior Buyer.

How has by charlotte supported your transition from dispatch to buyer?

I have been continuously supported throughout my by charlotte
journey. My dedication and eagerness was recognised very early on by another team member who brought this to Charlotte’s attention. I was then offered a role in office administration which quickly progressed to an inventory and merchandising assistant. In this role, my skillset was nurtured by my direct manager. I was fortunate enough for my direct manager to recognise my potential and ensure my skillset was nurtured, ultimately assisting in my career progression to Junior Buyer. The constant support from my direct manager and other team members has been pivotal in my career growth and for that I will be forever grateful.

What were the key learning opportunities that facilitated your career progression?

The key learning opportunities consist of excel workshops and my manager’s hands-on approach to skill development, such as entrusting me with managing our warehouse sale. Through these experiences I was developed a range of skills that have been applicable to all areas of my role. These opportunities have risen because my direct managers consistently have time and patience to invest in my professional growth.

Sez Ecommerce Assistant to Art Director

Sez’s talent and work ethic was recognised early on and has seen her progress from an E-Commerce Assistant, to Art Director.

Can you share how by charlotte facilitated your progression to Art Director?

I joined the by charlotte team 7 years ago when we were just a small team of four full-timers. Starting as an E-Commerce Assistant, I quickly realised the beauty of being in a compact team - opportunities were abundant! Being part of a growing business allowed me to showcase my creative skills and I was able to offer support in these areas alongside my existing role, and over time, my responsibilities organically evolved into a full-time creative position.

Throughout this evolution, Charlotte has been my greatest inspiration, motivator and supporter. Her belief in my abilities has been a driving force for my career progression. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by her and an amazing group of people where constant support and collaboration is embedded in our culture. Now, as an Art Director, I find myself in a surreal 'pinch me' moment, leading a team of talented creatives. This progression is a testament to the opportunities, mentorship and unwavering support provided by by charlotte.

How have the opportunities in upskilling helped in honing your craft?

The beauty of the creative industry is that it is forever changing! Recognising the need to stay ahead with trends, I actively engaged in upskilling opportunities offered by by charlotte. Whether it be formal training, workshops or collaborative projects with the rest of the team. These experiences not only broadened my knowledge but also provided me with the tools and industry connections to excel in my evolving role.

Shieren Dispatch to Ecommerce Executive

Shieren’s rapid career progression at by charlotte is testament to her own hard work and tenacity; as opportunities arose, she was quick to seize them with the help of her mentors. Her progression reflects a culture that recognises and rewards dedication, hard work and positivity in the workplace.

What has been your pathway to becoming an E-commerce Executive at by Charlotte?

I started working at by charlotte about three and a half years ago in Dispatch, and quickly moved into the Customer Service Team. Within a year, I held a Supervisor position. At the time, I was really hoping for a change, so when an opportunity arose for the E-commerce Coordinator position, I went for it. The rest is history!

How has the mentorship at by Charlotte impacted your professional journey?

I’ve been very lucky to have had, and continue to have, mentors who are endlessly supportive, understanding and, most importantly, have trust in my capabilities. These mentors have helped me to open so many doors and decide which opportunities will be most beneficial in achieving my personal and professional goals.

I’m lucky enough to also have many amazing people here at by charlotte who cheer me on at every step; it’s like having a whole group of people in your corner. Having this degree of support makes me feel like I can do anything, because I know my hard work will be recognised and appreciated. This feeling is rare in a corporate environment and has shaped me into the professional I am today. I’m forever grateful for that.

"Every success achieved by a woman in our business is an outcome of an inclusive and supportive culture and environment we have worked hard to cultivate, from day one I wanted to create a place for women to thrive, together." - Founder, Charlotte Blakeney

We are dedicated to supporting each woman in her unique path and contributing to a future where every talent is recognised, and every opportunity is given.

This International Women’s Day, join us in celebrating and supporting the incredible women in our communities and workplaces. Together, we can advance towards a more equal and inclusive future.