Moments To Love: Alexandra and Corey

Moments To Love: Alexandra and Corey

Our latest journal series, Moments To Love, shines light on special moments shared between lovers and friends, just in time for Valentine's Day.

A chance meeting quickly transformed into a love story for our muses Alexandra and Corey. An afternoon with the couple offered a glimpse into their unbreakable bond, founded on mutual support, laughter and a commitment to staying connected amidst equally busy schedules.

How did you meet?

A: We met by accident. I added Corey as a friend on Facebook mistaking him for someone else and before I knew it Corey had sent me a message asking if he could get my phone number and take me out to dinner. I remember him being very forward, he called me that night. Once we had dinner, he deleted his Facebook account, and the rest was history.

What was your first date like?

C: We had dinner at The Clock in Surry Hills and chatted about how different our lives were. I grew up in the country and had just spent the last few years off the grid in Europe and Miami, I was more free-spirited back then. Alex was the opposite- she grew up in a cosy bubble in Sydney's North Shore and was neck-deep in studying at university, a real goal-setter and planner. That night, our opposite worlds collided, and we laughed, and felt very comfortable with each other. The night ended with a goodbye kiss as I closed Alex's car door for her.

What makes you kindred spirits?

C: I think it's how much we've grown and supported each other as individuals. It seems cheesy to say but because we've evolved so much, our relationship has changed too in the best of ways, and it still feels new.

What do you love the most about each other?

A: I love how much Corey makes me laugh. He's so silly and fun, I feel like a kid when I'm with him. When we first moved to LA together, all of our friends left for the night, and we continued dancing in some random club until dawn- I love that.

C: The truth is, my answer is the same as Alex’s. I love how fun she is, we really are two big kids. Being around her positive energy brings out the best out of me, I’ve grown so much since being with her.

How do you find time to connect?

A: We walk our little Labrador Kai every day and that's the time we check in with each other and try to be off our phones. We're both workaholics and find it difficult to switch off at times so the walks are important for us. When we can, we also do Friday date nights and just enjoy the simplicity of each other's company.

What do the next few years hold for the two of you?

A: We've got a wedding coming up in November that we're getting ready for and then jetting off to my motherland Palawan, Philippines for our honeymoon! Over the next few years, we hope to start a family, launch a few passion projects, and continue travelling together. Tokyo, Egypt, and South Africa are on our bucket list next.

What’s one thing you wish you could tell your younger selves about love?

A: Love is always all around you.

C: Love is a simple thing, don’t overcomplicate it.