Mother's Day Keepsake Stories - Charlotte's Journey

Mother's Day Keepsake Stories - Charlotte's Journey

We joined Charlotte Blakeney, Founder & Director of by charlotte, at her home in Bondi to hear about the incredible journey of strength, love, and boundless joy that inspired her Keepsake collection.

Charlotte's journey is a testament to the power of hope, resilience, and love. Her six-year long journey with IVF was not an easy one, but she pushed through with the unwavering support of her family, friends and the loving memory of guidance and strength that her grandmother left her with. 

In 2017, Charlotte’s IVF journey came to a happy ending with the birth of her beautiful daughter, Estelle.  

"Every day, I look at my daughter Estelle and I am reminded that love is the most powerful force in the universe. My love for her is unconditional and infinite, growing stronger with each passing day.” 

It is this love that inspired Charlotte to create the Keepsake collection, a collection of lockets and 14k solid gold diamond jewels dedicated to her loved ones that supported her during her IVF journey. 

Charlotte's inspiration for Keepsake was sparked by her personal heirloom jewellery collection, passed down to her from her grandmother, Nancy. As she looked at the memories held in her grandmother's heart-shaped locket, Charlotte's heart was filled with a sense of warmth and nostalgia. 

It’s incredible the feeling of nostalgia that jewellery can bring. When I look at my grandmother’s locket, I’m not only reminded of the memories I have with her but all the milestones she achieved in her life and the obstacles she overcame.” 

Each piece from the collection features by charlotte’s signature lotus motif, a symbol of hope, resilience, and strength. Just as the lotus rises through the mud to blossom into a beautiful flower, so too did Charlotte grow and transform through her journey. 

I immediately resonated with the story behind the lotus – a story of embracing change to grow into a more resilient self. The strength I have gained from this is something that I wanted to share with our community. Each of our signature pieces are adorned with the lotus motif as a reminder of hope and your own inner strength.”

This collection was not just about celebrating Charlotte’s own journey but also to share the magical feeling of love with others through beautiful pieces that others could cherish and pass down for generations, a symbol of their own treasured moments and memories.

By adorning a piece from the Keepsake collection, you carry symbol of hope with you, a reminder that you too are capable of overcoming any obstacle with love and strength. May these pieces bring you joy and love, and may you cherish your own precious moments and memories with every wear.