10 Ways to Rock Accessories With Your LBD

10 Ways to Rock Accessories With Your LBD

Black Dress Accessories - Rock 'Em With Your LBD

Everybody owns a little black dress (LBD). It's been like that forever, and it won't change soon. There's just something so classic (read: sexy) about a LBD that turns heads. Let's face it, you've got to own a LBD or your closet just isn't complete. Though that's the problem with every little black dress, isn't it? Everyone has one, so forget about standing out in the crowd. Sure yours looks great, but there's something missing. Something else that could take your LBD to the next level. You need black dress accessories! Everything goes with black, so why aren't you going crazy trying new accessories with your LBD? We're talking earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets. You name it, and it'll probably look good. That's what fashion is all about. Standing out and trying new things. If you're looking for some fresh ideas, we've put together our list of the four best ways to rock accessories with your LBD.

Black Dress Accessories #1: Hoop Earrings

The great thing about a little black dress is that it's neutral enough to let accessories shift attention away from your main ensemble. If you're looking to grab some eyes, try out a pair of hoop earrings. Big, bold, and beautiful is the key here. There's a great set of hoops by Charlotte just bright enough to make people stop and stare. If hoops aren't really your thing, you can also check out chain and thread earrings. While not technically hoops, they still stand out. As long as you're drawing attention to those ears, your exact earring style isn't of much consequence. Oh, and make sure to wear your hair up, so your earrings stand out even more.

#2: Rings

Rings are another great way to add some glam to your little black dresses. These black dress accessories are still flashy (though less so than sparkling hoop earrings). The relative "middle ground" means you can take your rings in one of two ways: flashy or classy. The "classy" variety of rings is going to give your LBD an accent, rather than distract from your outfit. Small gold rings without large diamonds or intricate designs work best when bringing together a classy look. If the "flashy" look is more your style, fear not - your LBD provides the perfect platform. Like hoops, chains, and threads, flashy rings are like accessories painted on a black canvas. Go big with designs and diamonds, or stack multiple less flashy rings on the same finger. Whatever you think will turn heads.

#3: Bracelets

Bracelets are like the slightly larger cousin to rings. You can glam them out for over the top occasions, or stick with a classic gold band. Personally, we're partial to something in between. This golden hand bracelet gives off that "casual yet still a head turner" vibe. You get won't get any stares, but someone is sure to look twice at the gold chain wrapped around your hand. Bracelets are also great because you can combine multiple different types without much clashing. For instance, take that hand bracelet and combine it with a cuff style band. You could wear them on the same or separate hands.

#4: Necklaces

Necklaces are what little black dresses were made for. They're the kind of flashy, strong jewelry that works so well on that black canvas. You pretty much have your pick of the litter with the necklace LBD combo. Do you want shapes? Go for it. Large gemstones? Sure, looks great. How about a colorful, hanging, ornate chain? Yes! You can always put your creative side on display with your necklace collection. On the other end of the spectrum, subdued necklaces work just as well. In fact, they probably work better with other black dress accessories. If you're rocking large hoops and a large gemstone necklace, well, let's just say that you shouldn't. A small necklace, however, will look great with almost any other fashion accessory.

In Conclusion...

Standing out among the sea of LBDs is all about accessorizing your outfit. There are tons of ways to do it (and not many ways to mess up), so get out there and start experimenting. Turning heads has never been easier if you incorporate some basic black dress accessories. Hoops, rings, bracelets, and necklaces; they all work wonders standing out against a solid black outfit. What are you waiting for? Break out that little black dress and accessorize! Now's the time! Hopefully, you've enjoyed our list of the ten ways to rock accessories with your LBD. As with anything else, this list isn't complete. There's so much more jewelry, among other accessories, that go stunningly with a little black dress. If you'd like, check out our product page and see if anything tickles your fancy. You might find something to bring your LBD to the next level. We're also available for contact through our website for any jewelry related questions. Have fun shopping for black dress accessories!