Gold Choker Necklace

Tear Drop Pearl Choker
Eye Of Intuition Choker
Gold Grace Choker
Stardust Choker
Gold Lover Choker Necklace
Silver Grace Choker
Silver Lover Choker Necklace
14k Gold Peace Lover Choker
Silver Charmed Choker
14k Gold Twilight Choker
My Sweetheart Crystal Choker
Live in Peace Pearl Choker
My Sweetheart Tourmaline Choker

Falling ever so gently over the wearer’s collar bone, the delicate choker connects style with intention. Every By Charlotte piece is designed to hold inspiring messages of love, community and kinship, so you bring these mantras with you wherever you go.

Browse our collection of delicate chains and meaningful symbols in fine gold and sterling silver today.

Our choker necklaces are perfect worn alone or layered with your other jewellery. By Charlotte creates jewellery that carries delicate motifs and symbols to inspire thoughtful intentions of love and gratitude. Whether it be a delicate pendant, a timeless gold chain or a special occasion piece, we create mindful jewellery that embodies the wearer’s intent. Every piece is designed to inspire, with every meaning unique to the wearer.

Keep your mantras close to your heart, and carry them with you along your life path. Even the finest of chains hold powerful meaning.

By Charlotte creates jewellery that combines your personal style with your personal aspirations and manifestations. By layering By Charlotte pieces, you can personalise and personify the message of your jewellery.

We design carefully and intentionally, ensuring every piece captures the essence of its motif. Each symbol inspires you to discover and manifest the path you wish to take, attracting harmony, balance.

Browse our range of fine chokers perfect for a solo piece or for layering. We have both gold and silver chains, with every necklace carrying and reflecting a message of love, inner strength and healing. Every wearer has their own story to tell, let your jewellery serve as a reminder of your story.