5 mins with... Claire Fabb

5 mins with... Claire Fabb
recently sat down with my good friend Claire Fabb; stylist, digital editor and the founder of Style by Yellow Button, to chat about her love of jewellery... 
      1. What’s on your wish list for Christmas from our new Luxe Collection? The gold earring threader, the gold venus earrings and the gold halo ring which brings a really beautiful deluxe element to any layering ensemble.
      1. I just love your style Claire...What’s your styling advise with delicate jewellery? Aww that's very kind of you. To be honest, I have always adored delicate jewellery however I wear larger bolder sentimental pieces so I didn't think delicate pieces would work on me. It wasn't until I tried them on I loved the softer look as it really balanced my heavier pieces out. I do love delicate pieces layered up together too. It can look so soft and feminine and really adds something very special to an outfit. Or - to wear all the time. 
      1.  Now we know that you are an avid diamond lover, what do you love about wearing diamonds? Ha ha – I am OBSESSED with diamonds. But at heart if I think about it it's more for sentimental reasons. My grandmother I was very close to, I grew up loving her adorned fingers. Diamonds galore.  There is something very special about diamonds. Some kind of special energy in the beauty and simplicity of a gorgeous stone and the story of receiving them.
      1. When did your love for jewellery begin? In utero?… Ok not really but A LONG time ago. I remember at age 5 I would go into my grandmothers wardrobe and she had trays of costume jewellery from the 1960's and stunning ball gowns to match that she used to wear. She had kept them all! I was very young trying them all on every time I visited and twirling around in heels far too big for me with big jewels hanging off my fingers and necklaces layered for days. Those hours turned into a life long love…
      1. What is your fave By Charlotte piece for the upcoming party season? Do I have to choose one? I really do think this collection is so stunning. I haven't taken off my Gold Evening Star necklace in the 3 months I"ve had it. And I'm about to get a second piercing so I can wear the beautiful the gold venus earring next to the diamond studs Jamie, my fiancé gave me.  I don't mix and match too often. I like putting on my jewellery and wearing it all together all the time. Who wants to take jewellery on and off going to the beach or going out?  It shouldn't be kept for best, it should work every day, every way.  
    1. Marylin Monroe was quoted for saying that 'Diamonds are a girls best friend' .. are they yours? HELL YES!!! (But then I have some amazing BFF's too ;)