14K Gold Necklace

Pure Love Necklace
14k Gold Eternal Love Diamond Necklace
14k Gold Mini Lotus Necklace
14k Gold Crystal Lotus Flower Necklace
14k Gold Diamond Moonstone Birthstone Lotus Necklace - June
14k Gold June Freshwater Pearl Birthstone Pendant
14K Gold Diamond Ruby Birthstone Lotus Necklace - July
14k Gold July Ruby Birthstone Pendant
14k Gold Signature Chain Necklace
14k Gold Love Letter Necklace
Available in all letters
14k Gold Sweet Droplet Diamond Necklace
14k Gold Forever Love Diamond Letter Pendant
Available in all letters
14k Gold Droplets Diamond Necklace
14k Gold Tranquillity Necklace
14k Gold Sky Necklace
14k Gold Lunar Necklace
14k Gold Light of the Moon Diamond Necklace
14k Gold Shine Your Light Diamond Necklace
14k Gold Twilight Choker
14k Gold Peaceful Moon Necklace
14k Gold Live in Light Small Necklace
14k All You Need Necklace
14K Gold Diamond Peridot Birthstone Lotus Necklace - August
14k Gold August Peridot Birthstone Pendant

By Charlotte transforms the message of magic and love into beautiful 14K gold necklaces for women and men, encouraging the wearer to begin their own journey towards gratitude and acceptance.

By Charlotte uses gentle motifs to guide you, inspire you and to set your daily intentions. Inspired by the sun, the moon and the stars, nature, magic and beauty – take hold of your path towards personal growth and discovery.

Our Australian designed necklaces feature delicate birthstones, stackable gold keepsakes and pendants with messages of love, hope and peace. We make cherished necklaces set with intention, to follow and affirm your own personal path. Be it our signature lotus flower, marked with a blossoming lotus, or our droplet diamond collection, inspiring a journey with intention and care, there holds a special message in every one of our 14K gold necklaces.

Explore the 14K solid gold collection to find a cherished piece for yourself or your loved one.

By Charlotte jewellery is designed as forever keepsakes, whether worn daily or for a special occasion. Each piece is meaningfully crafted with mantras of love, peace and happiness, guiding you on your personal journey.

Tell your unique love story with personalised pieces that allow you to layer or stack to suit your unique style.

Your By Charlotte jewellery will act as a reminder to guide your thoughts and intentions. Every piece holds a deeper meaning for you to inspire and manifest from.

Commemorate a special moment, find a treasure to gift your loved one, or choose a heartfelt symbol to introduce to your personal collection. When cared for, By Charlotte necklaces can become an heirloom piece for you to treasure for years to come.

Each necklace is thoughtfully designed to inspire positive and mindful intentions. We design our collection thoughtfully, curating beautiful reminders of your own journey; manifest love and compassion with jewellery close to your heart.

The 14K gold collection features delicate layering necklaces, precious gemstones, bracelets and rings. We hope you embrace the message of peace, love and happiness that By Charlotte puts into every piece.