Behind The Design | Hidden Magic

Behind The Design | Hidden Magic

Embracing the practice of manifestation, By Charlotte’s new collection Hidden Magic explores the intrinsic connection between our thoughts and our reality. With a focus on symbolic motifs, mantras and natural gemstones, the collection is designed to guide your thoughts and intentions.

Here, our Founder & Director, Charlotte Blakeney and Head of Design, Dalena Le share their design notes from the studio.

Charlotte: “Manifestation is all about using your thoughts and mindset to create the life of your dreams. If you focus your thoughts and energy on what you want to achieve, anything is possible.”

Dalena: “Charlotte and I really wanted to explore a range that was deeply personal to the wearer—even more so than before. Each piece has such a beautiful and specific intention that goes back with it.”

Charlotte: “There is an overall sense of peace to the collection that comes from using natural gemstones. We chose each for their deeper meaning and symbolism; rose quartz for love, amazonite for guidance, amethyst for protection and freshwater pearls for peace.”


Dalena: “We are always thinking about the wearer and their connection with the jewels, so finding ways to make each piece more personal and intimate is important to us. To that end, we explored personalised elements such as pendants on necklaces and hoops, and engraving jewels with deeply intentional mantras.”

Charlotte: “So much love and consideration goes into every step of the design process from hand-drawing the initial designs to 3D printing to the final polishing of the finished piece. Each piece is truly unique and a collaboration of hearts and minds.”

Dalena: “The process almost always starts with Charlotte setting the intention for the range. We’re meticulous with the finer details regarding design, sampling, and production but the foundation of every range will always be rooted in the meaning and message.”

“The lotus flower will forever hold a special place in my heart, so naturally I am drawn to the My Soul Is Peaceful Necklace. This beautiful necklace features a blooming lotus flower on each pendant, symbolic of inner peace and new beginnings. I love that you can personalise these designs with interchangeable pendants, there are so many ways to wear them! I’ve added a freshwater pearl to mine for peace and tranquillity.”

“Evil eye pieces are some of my favourites to design—it’s always a challenge (albeit a fun one!) to continually re-imagine such a symbolic and signature symbol. The Eye Of Purity Pearl Choker is definitely one of my favourite evil eye designs we’ve done, made even more special as it’s set with a natural Australian opal.”