She Is Love - Behind The Design

She Is Love - Behind The Design

She is Love is inspired by Charlotte's life-long love for astrology in its power to guide self-discovery, self-love, and deep connections with those who nurture our souls. To breathe life into the 12 zodiac signs, Charlotte collaborated with Australian artist and long-time collaborator Brigitte May.

Brigitte brought Charlotte's vision to life through illustrations which capture the spirit and essence of each Zodiac

When asked about the inspiration behind the illustrations, Brigitte said, "With the women, I wanted their celestial bodies to reflect the personalities of the Zodiacs they are guided by. A strong feminine energy shone through in all the artworks, which I naturally did to embody the by charlotte brand".

The illustrations were then transferred onto beautifully battered and
crystal-encrusted pendants. In the by charlotte spirit, they were then inscribed with unique and uplifting "She is .. ." mantras, crafted to resonate with the corresponding sign.

The collaboration truly is a celebration of the duality of feminine energy, inspiring the wearer to embrace self-love so profoundly that their minds and bodies always feel like home.