Eye Of Intuition Choker
My Heart Is Grateful Necklace
Eye of Intuition Ring
Eye Of Purity Pearl Choker
Eternal Peace Bracelet
Weave Your Magic Small Hoops
Align Your Soul Cuff
Laughter In My Soul Ring
14k Gold Sweet Droplet Diamond Single Earring - 2mm, 3mm
Available in Single Earring / 2mm 0.03ct, Single Earring / 3MM 0.10ct,
Intention of Peace Pearl Pendant
Eye of Intuition Necklace
Pure Love Single Sleeper
14k Gold Evil Eye Single Earring
Available in Single,
14k Gold Peace Lover Bracelet
I Give Energy To My Destiny Pendant
14k Gold Evil Eye Ring
Available in 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,
Live in Peace Pearl Choker
14k Gold Celestial Single Sleeper
Available in Single,
14k Gold Fly With Me Necklace
Eternal Peace Hoops
Eternal Peace Ring
Starlight Ring
Intention of Peace Pearl Hoops
14k Gold Evil Eye Necklace