Awaken Necklace
Breathe in Light Annex Necklace Pendant
Embrace Stillness Pearl Drop Earrings
Embrace Stillness Pearl Annex Necklace Pendant
Horizon Annex Link Pearl Necklace
Awaken Ring
Manifest Your Dreams Annex Necklace Pendant
Connect to the Universe Necklace
Clarity Ring
Horizon Annex Link Necklace
Horizon Ring
Intertwined Cuff
Intertwined Large Hoops
Intertwined Ring
Awaken Hoops
18" Signature Chain Necklace
14k Gold Radiant Eye Stud Earring
Single Earring
Gold Trust Spinning Meditation Necklace
14k Gold Fly With Me Earring
Single Earring
Lotus and Little Buddha Necklace
14k Gold Purity Sleeper - 8mm
Single Earring
14k Gold Lotus Birthstone Diamond Necklace
14k Gold Tranquillity Bracelet
14k Gold Fly With Me Necklace