Gold Letter Necklace

14k Gold Love Letter Necklace
Available in all letters

Letter necklaces have been a timeless addition to personal jewellery collections for generations. We have lovingly designed a collection of letter necklaces to be layered with other pieces, cherished as a timeless keepsake and to remind the wearer of their own personal journey. Browse our collection of gold and silver letter necklaces online today.

Wear the initials of your loved one, a pet or a special place to remind you of a cherished moment in time. Worn close to your heart, our letter necklaces are intended to remind you of precious moments and meaningful milestones. By Charlotte carries a collection of pendants, precious gemstones and motifs.

With each By Charlotte piece comes a message of love, gratitude and positivity. We carry a selection of motifs and meaningful symbols, as well as follow a design ritual that allows our affirmations to follow through to and guide you.

Our letter necklaces can be layered with other By Charlotte pieces, worn as a standalone piece or added to your personal jewellery collection. Keep a loving message close to your heart, and allow it to guide you through your life journey.

A letter necklace can be a beautiful gift for yourself or a loved one. It is a timeless piece, and each letter holds a special meaning to the wearer. Our necklaces can be layered with other personal symbols, including birthstones, zodiac symbols and other pendants that hold significance to the wearer.

We carefully design our jewellery with intention, creating beautiful necklaces, earrings and rings that carry positive intentions and messages. Browse our collection of letter necklaces for yourself or as a meaningful gift for a loved one.