Our necklaces come in a variety of lengths ranging from 13 inches (chokers) to 21 inches. Most necklaces also have a shortening loop along the chain, making it easy to layer our necklaces.
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Our most common chain size is an 18" chain. We reccomend this size if you're not sure, as it isn't too short or too long and you can easily add a necklace extender for a bit of extra length.

13 inch (choker)
16 inch
18 inch (signature chain)
21 inch

Our chains use a circular spring clasp.

Cuffs & Bracelets

Our cuffs and bracelets are all unique and come in different lengths and measurements. Please ensure you measure and understand the different sizing for each different product type and if you're unsure, our customer care team is here to help!

We offer 2 sizes in our cuffs, 57mm & 60mm. This measurement is of the inner diameter of the cuff.

Our 57mm Cuff is our standard sized and fits most. However, we recommend measuring your wrist first because they aren't designed to be stretched or bent to fit and doing so can cause damage.

Our hinged bracelet is a solid metal bracelet with a clasp sold in two sizes:
• 66mm size: 66 x 57mm inner diameter. 
• 63mm size: 63 x 53mm inner diameter. 

This is not a flexible bracelet, and we reccommend measuring your wrist before purchasing, as they aren't designed to bend or stretch to fit,

Our chain and pearl bracelets are 18cm, with loops to shorten.