Creating The Perfect Ring Stack

Creating The Perfect Ring Stack

Creating a perfectly balanced ring stack that incorporates different colours, metals, shapes and textures is a fine art. Whether you are a lover of maximalism, or have an affinity for delicate, fine rings, this your definitive guide to ring stacking.

Mix Meaningful Gemstones

Infuse personality into your ring stack with our Kindred Birthstone Rings, designed to reflect a kaleidoscope of colour. Mix and match colours that resonate with your style or carry personal significance, by stacking your birthstone with that of a loved one.

Purchase any Kindred Ring and receive 20% off a matching second Kindred. Offer valid from the 30th January – 14th February, instore and online.

Play with Proportion

Achieve a harmonious look by considering the balance and proportion of each ring. Experiment with different sizes and styles to create a composition that complements your hand's natural proportions.

Incorporate Symbols

At by charlotte, our goal is always to create jewellery that is beautiful both in its design and its meaning. Stack rings of personal significance, such as our Connect To Your Heart Ring, as a reminder to live with purpose and intention.

Mix and Match Metals

Embrace the beauty of contrast by combining different metal types. This adds depth and dimension to your ring stack, allowing each piece to shine individually.

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