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Charlotte Blakeney
Jul 26, 18

Tags: Inspiration, Lifestyle, Travel,

Images sourced from Pinterest and Instagram.

By Charlotte Babes: @chloechapman, @koleha, @_milliearnold, @tashoakley

It is no secret we love a summer vacay, and this cooler Sydney weather has us dreaming of a European holiday, with sun-kissed skin, salty hair and balmy sunsets. This is what offers a never-ending cycle of inspiration for us.  

During our design process, we aim to encapsulate deep spirituality and the wonderment of Island life. Symbolic and powerful, our jewels hope to not only make the wearer feel beautiful, but inspired and empowered with mantras of love, enlightenment and harmony.

We just love seeing our beautiful customers from far and wide wearing our jewels on their path of spiritual discovery and self-fulfilment. Make sure you tag us so we can follow you on your journey of life, wherever it may take you.



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