How to Style our Peaceful Wanderer Anklets

How to Style our Peaceful Wanderer Anklets

Accessorise your ankles with our new 14k gold anklet collection, Peaceful Wanderer.

We’ve put together our top tips on how to style these timelines and thoughtfully designed anklets just in time for Summer.

A minimalistic approach to styling your anklet will elevate the beautiful story behind its design.

Simple and intentional, this styling technique emphasises the anklet’s personal meaning to you and will act as a reminder to embrace mindful moments and surround yourself with serene experiences.

Intentionally layering your anklets will create a unique and personalised look.

This is a great styling technique for engaging your creative side and expressing your mindful self. Select anklets that reflect cherished moments in your life and carry those memories with you everywhere you go - whether that be dancing in the sunshine, swimming in the ocean, or loving under the moonlight.

Curating an anklet look inspired by your intentions is a thoughtful way of honouring yourself and telling a personal story of mindfulness and serenity.

Our Moonlight, Peaceful Wanderer, and Tranquility anklets feature luminous baroque pearls symbolising peace and calm.

These pearl adorned anklets help you to balance your emotions and embrace calming energies. Use these anklet designs to remind you of your intentions and focus your journey to peacefulness.

The symbols featured on these delicate anklets will inspire you to embrace magical opportunities. The Healing Hand Anklet will protect you from negative energies, and will empower you to walk fearlessly towards serenity.

The butterfly symbol on the Fly With My Anklet will encourage you to express yourself freely and without judgement. Curate an anklet look with symbols that will honour your personal journey.

Whichever way you choose to style your anklets, these keepsakes will accompany you forever as you wander the path to peace. Crafted from 14k Gold, these designs are the perfect addition to your Summer style. They can be worn as you swim in the ocean and journey with you in the sunshine.

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