The Two-Tone Trend

The Two-Tone Trend

The days of being limited to just silver or gold jewellery are no more; 2024 is the year to master the art of mixed metals. Combining materials is an effortless way to add intrigue and a personal touch to your look, and we’re deep diving into the two-tone trend.

Two-tone Earscapes

Create an enviable earscape with silver and gold studs, hoops and chains. Adopt a ‘more-is-more’ approach and you can’t go wrong; position studs next to huggies, or stack different toned hoops next each other for effortless ear curation.

Necklace Layering

Begin with a statement necklace as a focal point and layer around it. Mix different styles of chains with radiant pendants, adding interest with coloured gemstones and contrasting metal finishes.

Mixed-metal Ring Stacks

By combining rings made of different metals, you can add an additional layer of visual interest and diversity to your ring stack. Our rings have been crafted to stack together, so you truly can’t go wrong; play with textures, shapes and meaningful stones to showcase your individuality.

Bold Bracelets

If eclectic ring stacks aren’t your thing, bold bracelets could be for you. Our Lover Cuff and Bangle are the perfect place to start; designed to layer perfectly with both chunky and delicate styles, these bracelets are as timeless as they are bold. Layer the silver and gold together for radiant opulence.

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