Moments To Love: Kendal Lee Schuler and her Family

Moments To Love: Kendal Lee Schuler and her Family

To bring our Mother’s Day campaign to life, we revisited where it all began with Kendal Lee Schuler, the very first model Charlotte ever photographed. This time around, Kendal was accompanied by her son Ryka, daughter Friday, and mother-in-law Bec, to capture the joy and chaos of motherhood.

In one of the few quiet moments on set, as Friday and Ryka’s seemingly boundless energy seemed to slow, we spoke to Kendal about her approach to motherhood. What’s her secret to staying so cool, calm and collected, with two young children on her tail all day?

What is the most magical part of motherhood?

Children are quite the magical little creatures, so watching them grow and learn is pretty astounding. It's pretty special to be able to step back and think, "WOW, I did that". It's mind blowing.

What is one thing you’d wish you’d known when you first became a mum?

People love to give you all the advice and warnings when becoming a new mum, but no one really thinks to mention how it can affect your friendships. I had Ryka (7) when I was 25, so I was definitely one of the first in my close circle. But, that said, it opens you up to a whole new group of friends within the mum community. Oh... and the mum guilt.. that one is a killer.

What’s one piece of wisdom you hope to instil in your kids?

Where do I start? We always focus on being good listeners, empathetic, creative, individual, active and a good team player.

How do you find time for yourself amidst the demands of motherhood?

I LOVE to cook, whether that be a big fancy meal or just making peanut butter on toast for the kids (though you can't really call that cooking, I know). We have a strict NO kids in the kitchen rule in our house, so I use that time to be creative and enjoy some 'mummy time'.

How has being a mother shaped you as a person?

Motherhood has made me selfless, silly, patient and able to not sweat the small stuff. The only thing that I find important these days is if the kids are safe and having fun... that's really all that matters.

What has surprised you about motherhood?

How fast they actually do grow up and how time flies by without you realising.

I've never felt more myself, but, at the same time, since having kids I'm a much better version of myself. I just couldn't be more proud of my babies.

This Mother’s Day, we hope to shine a light upon the women who put our happiness ahead of their own, who share in our every moment, and whose love knows no bounds.

As you reflect upon the motherly connections that shape your world, we invite you to share your stories, your gratitude, and your love.