Pick The Ultimate Friendship Bracelets For You And Your Bestie

After being separated and borders being closed, it’s time to share a heartfelt moment with that special someone by gifting them a part of you to hold.


Honour the magic of your connection by choosing a friendship bracelet that resonates with you and symbolises the memories you both hold. Our Together We Are Magic collection is inspired by these cherished bonds and the unconditional love you share.

These friendship bracelets honour a bestie you are forever intertwined with, one that has grown with you through the rain and sun. Each bracelet is inscribed with one half of the love poem ‘We are forever intertwined / Blooming under the same sun’. Adorned with our iconic Lotus flower, wear these bracelets as a reminder that both of you have the strength and magic to bloom with grace.

This friendship bracelet is inspired by the unconditional love between you and your bestie that is always shining through every phase of life. Each pendant is inscribed with one half of the love poem “Safe in your soul / Bathed in your light”. Choose this bracelet if your friendship is like a sky full of stars, filled with infinite possibilities.

The design of this friendship bracelet symbolises your most cherished bond; the kind of love that makes a home in your soul. Inscribed with the love poem ‘My every breath / My safest place’, wear this bracelet with a bestie that lights up your world and is the half to your whole.

These friendship bracelets honour that special person who inspires you to live with a louder heart and to think with a limitless mind. Each pendant is inscribed with one half of the poem, ‘Storyteller of my limitless dreams / Author of my boundless potential’. This friendship bracelet was made for you and your bestie if your friendship is one that allows you to express yourself freely, without any judgement.

This friendship bracelet was designed to celebrate magical bonds that make your laughs louder, the sun warmer and happiness longer. Both halves are inscribed with one half of the love poem ‘Magic in my heart / Laughter in my soul’. Gift this bracelet to your bestie if your friendship is one filled with unforgettable moments that you will treasure forever.


Celebrate the special bond you hold with your bestie with a Together We Are Magic friendship bracelet that symbolises the special moments you have shared together. Let them be a reminder that no matter the distance, you will always be there for each other.


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