The Story Of The Lotus

The Story Of The Lotus

Story of The Lotus

It was on a transformative trip to the mountains of Ubud, Bali, in 2012 that Charlotte’s vision for by charlotte came to life. Surrounded by beautiful lotus flowers, Charlotte discovered the symbolic significance of the flower.

Beginning its life growing at the bottom of a dark and murky pond, the Lotus slowly emerges, bursting out of the water into a beautiful blossom. This idea that beauty can emerge from even the darkest of places resonated deeply with Charlotte, and she began designing a piece of jewellery that would inspire the wearer on their path to self-discovery, just as the lotus had inspired her.

Years later, the Lotus Necklace remains our brand signature; it’s meaningful, delicate, and perfect for layering with our collection of necklaces and chokers.

Charlotte has continued to iterate, designing variations of her first Lotus Necklace that incorporate other meaningful symbols and stones.

A Gift For The Lotus Lover

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Charlotte expanded the Lotus assortment even further in 2024, introducing our signature Lotus Bracelet, available in both chain and playful, coloured cord designs. These versatile bracelets are the perfect companions for layering with your much-loved by charlotte pieces.

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