14K Solid Gold Jewellery

14k Gold Eternal Love Diamond Bracelet
14k Gold Eternal Love Diamond Necklace Pendant
14k Gold Eternal Love Diamond Ring
14k Gold Eternal Love Diamond Single Hoop
14k Gold Eternal Love Diamond Single Stud Earring
14k Gold Eternal Love Diamond Single Sleeper
Pure Love Bracelet
Pure Love Single Stud Earring
Pure Love Ring
Pure Love Single Hoop
Pure Love Single Sleeper
Pure Love Necklace
Pure Love Necklace Pendant
14k Gold Celestial Single Sleeper
Available in Single,
14k Gold Forever Love Diamond Letter Pendant
Available in all letters
14k Gold Sweet Droplet Diamond Necklace
14k Gold Purity Single Sleeper - 8mm, 9mm, 11mm and 13mm
Available in 8mm, 9mm, 11mm, 13mm,
14k Gold Love Letter Necklace
Available in all letters
14k Gold Diamond Celestial Single Sleeper
14k Gold Diamond June Pearl Birthstone Bracelet
14k Gold June Freshwater Pearl Birthstone Pendant
14k Gold Diamond Moonstone Birthstone Lotus Necklace - June
14k Gold Diamond June Moonstone Birthstone Ring
Available in 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,
14K Gold Diamond July Ruby Birthstone Bracelet

Discover By Charlotte’s collection of fine, gentle and timeless 14K gold jewellery with empowering messages. Our radiant gold necklaces, earrings and rings carry with them beautiful motifs, loving affirmations and sentiment.

Our jewellery is designed to support your personal mantra, manifesting kinship, community and kindness, a beautiful reminder of your personal growth and milestones.

Gold carries with it inspiration and strength, allowing the wearer to follow a positive and enlightened life path. Illumination, love, courage, wisdom and magic, our 14K gold jewellery elevates any personal style, bringing harmony to the heart it lays close to. Choose a simple chain or find a precious jewel to encourage and remind you of your intentions.

Every piece of By Charlotte jewellery is lovingly designed with intention, a unique creation that allows the wearer to manifest the message they have chosen. Whether a gift or a something for yourself, every necklace, bracelet, earring or ring inspires the wearer to follow a path of love, connection and beauty.

Radiate the message of your zodiac sign with gold engraved pendants and chains. Each zodiac piece holds purposeful and positive meaning and is designed to inspire each wearer.

Every month is reflected by a unique stone, carrying a personal message for each birth month. We have designed a range of birthstone pieces in stunning 14K gold.

By Charlotte inspires from thoughtful symbols and motifs to protect and empower the wearer, and to carry messages of love, hope and good fortune. From the lotus flower’s message of new beginnings through the hamsa hand of luck, a By Charlotte piece acts as a guide and a protector on your journey.

By Charlotte cherishes the design process, creating pieces that hold and reflect powerful energy through gentle motifs. It is this careful process that makes our jewellery unique.

We create timeless pieces, designed to be worn for years to come, and to serve as a reminder of the beauty and love within you and your journey. Browse our range of 14K solid gold jewellery today.