Sterling Silver Jewellery

Nurture Your Heart Emerald Lotus Birthstone Necklace - May
Taurus Zodiac Necklace
May Emerald Birthstone Pendant
June Pearl Birthstone Pendant
Gemini Zodiac Necklace
Love Deeply Moonstone Lotus Birthstone Necklace - June
Divine Grace Bracelet
Silver Lucky Lotus Necklace
A Thousand Petals Fob Necklace
Starlight Hoops
Silver Lotus Short Necklace
Eternal Peace Hoops
Moonlight Bracelet
Moonlight Choker
Infinity Anklet
My Soul Is Peaceful Hoops
Intention of Truth Amazonite Pendant
Harmony Crystal Pearl Bracelet
I Am Protected Pendant
Tear Drop Pearl Choker
My Heart is Grateful Hoops
Eye Of Purity Pearl Choker
Intention of Protection Amethyst Hoops
I Am Light And Love Pendant