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9kt Gold Aditi Earrings

Our 9kt Gold Aditi earring is inspired by ‘Heavenly Aditi’ the Hindu Goddess, Keeper of Light and Birth Mother of the Universe. The Aditi earring is an ode to the stars--harnessing light by illuminating the natural beauty of sparkling crystals. 

'Heavenly Aditi' is a collection to be adored and adorned sitting as beautifully against the skin as the stars do in the night sky.

9kt solid gold with crystals.

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9kt Gold Aditi Earrings
9kt Gold Aditi Earrings
9kt Gold Aditi Earrings
9kt Gold Aditi Earrings
9kt Gold Aditi Earrings

About The 9kt Gold Aditi Earrings

About The Diamond

All our Diamond Sky stones are natural diamonds that have been ethically sourced. Set in 14k gold, our diamond luxe pieces are made for you to adore and treasure forever.

About The Collection

Manifest your dreams this Spring with By Charlotte’s first diamond collection. Playing on Charlotte’s romance with the stars and celestial heavens, ‘Diamond Sky’ harnesses the cosmic energy of the Sun, the Moon, and the Venus Star.

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