14k Gold Magic Within Birthstone Diamond Bracelet
14k Gold Eternal Love Diamond Bracelet
14k Gold Lucky Starry Night Zodiac Bracelet
Pure Love Bracelet
14k Gold Love Letter Bracelet
Available in all letters
14k Gold Fly With Me Bracelet
14k Gold Shine Your Light Bracelet
14k Gold Tranquillity Bracelet
14k Gold Evil Eye Bracelet
14k Gold Crystal Lotus Flower Bracelet
14k Gold Lunar Bracelet

Remind yourself of who you truly are, and what inspires you every day, with our internationally designed bracelets. Carefully crafted in sterling silver, 18k gold and rose gold vermeil, these quality designs will keep you grounded and encourage you to radiate your light to the world.

Our bracelets are thoughtfully inscribed with meaningful mantras and affirmations. Adorn your wrists with these mesmerizing jewels, and remind yourself to embrace – and practice – the unique virtues you embody, and also share them with the world.

Freedom of expression is vital to a unique style. Whether you’re looking for emblished cuffs or a delicate pendant bracelet, you can wear these wrist adornments individually or stacked. Your choice! Aside from being incredibly versatile, these bracelets will inspire and ignite your spirit, so you can move through the stresses and demands of today’s fast-paced world with ease.

Our bracelets are also imbued with purposeful affirmations to help you focus your mind throughout the day, leaving you feel inspired and uplifted. And how you achieve this is up to you. Layer your wrists with By Charlotte’s mindful bracelets. Strengthen your connection with your inner-self with a Zodiac bracelet. Or align with the stars with a Guiding Light bracelet.

Ornamented with meaningful symbols, such as enlightening lotus flower and protective evil eye, our 14k gold fine chain bracelets make for a memorable statement.

Meanwhile, our Australian-designed and expertly made authentic sterling silver, 18k gold, and rose gold vermeil bracelets create a sense of harmony when worn together. When you combine different silhouettes and symbols, you’ll create a uniquely stylish, stacked arrangement, one that reflects your values and radiates your personal frequency of love and light.

As we all know, balance and serenity come from within. These adornments will help guide you on your journey to enlightenment. For a minimalist statement, wear a singular delicate chain, featuring a symbol designed to inspire your path to a more mindful life. And, to help centre your soul as well as place your trust in the magic of the universe, By Charlotte’s unique celestial bracelets will help you do just that.