Lotus and Little Buddha

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Lotus Jewelry and Buddha Jewelry: A Remarkable Collection

At By Charlotte we are proud of offering women pieces of jewelry that are both beautiful, delicate and symbolic. Our collection featuring little Buddha and lotus jewelry is no exception to this rule. Each of the pieces that belong to the lotus jewelry collection we have designed is meaningful to the wearer. And the necklaces, short necklaces and bracelets that make up the Buddha Jewelry collection are also stunning and delicate pieces of jewelry.

There are quite a few reasons why women wear jewelry: they want to look beautiful, they want to complement an outfit, they expect to add an elegant touch to it or they simply want to take their style to the next level. That said, whichever the reason why you choose one of our necklaces in the lotus jewelry collection or in the buddha jewelry collection, you can rest assured that you’ll feel elegant, stylish and stunningly beautiful.

About Our Lotus Jewelry Pieces

The lotus flower that inspired us to design the different lotus jewelry pieces is a highly symbolic element in the Asian and Buddhists cultures. It is noble and beautiful and is usually associated with purity and beauty. Such a symbolic flower needed to be represented in the best way possible and this is the main reason why we chose the noblest metals to create our lotus jewelry necklaces: gold and silver.

Lotus jewelry necklaces are available in silver, yellow gold and rose gold. Each necklace is made up of a chain that can be long or short and a delicate charm with a lotus flower crafted on it. Elegant and delicate, these necklaces are definitely meaningful pieces of jewelry that any woman can wear proudly.

About Our Buddha Jewelry Pieces

Buddha is the most important religious figure in the Asian culture. His figure inspires respect in everybody and, therefore, developing a jewelry collection inspired in him was a big challenge. We designed necklaces and bracelets that are delicate, elegant and, needless to say, absolutely meaningful.

However, you don’t need to be a Buddhist nor religious nor even be into meditation and Asian religions to wear a necklace or bracelet from our little Buddha jewelry collection. The charm we have designed is so delicate that it naturally complements and adds up to any outfit you wear.

The bracelets and necklaces that belong to the Buddha jewelry collection are available in noble materials: yellow gold, rose gold and silver. Modern and fashionable, they look great on young ladies looking for a hippie chic look, ladies in their 50s or even older women!

If you have been looking for bracelets and necklaces that you can wear on any occasion, that are meaningful, symbolic and elegant but that offer you that chic fashionable style that you so much love, we invite you to browse our Lotus and Buddha jewelry collection.